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At RelationshipBetween, we envision a world where science and technology are not just subjects but passions. We strive to make these domains accessible to everyone, from the tech-savvy individual to someone just beginning their journey into the wonders of science and innovation.

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Meet the Team

Alan Jarmon

Alan Jarmon

A seasoned science writer, Alan has always been enchanted by the mysteries of the universe. With a background in physics, he has a knack for breaking down complex theories into digestible insights. Alan has contributed to various scientific journals and has a keen interest in astrophysics and quantum mechanics.

Dannielle Mastello

Dannielle Mastello

Dannielle’s passion lies at the intersection of technology and its impact on society. As a tech journalist, she has covered everything from AI advancements to breakthroughs in renewable energy. Dannielle holds a degree in Computer Engineering, giving her a foundational understanding of the tech she writes about. Beyond her writing, she’s an avid coder and loves diving into tech projects during her free time.

Together, Alan and Dannielle bring a blend of deep scientific knowledge and tech-savvy insights to RelationshipBetween, ensuring our readers receive well-rounded, expert perspectives on the subjects they love.

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